Agot Isidro Slams the Face Shield Policy Implemented by the Government

AGOT ISIDRO – The veteran actress has slammed the face shield policy implemented by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Agot Isidro turned to Twitter to express his displeasure with the country’s mandatory face shield legislation, which has been in place since the outbreak of the infectious disease COVID-19. Her animosity stems from the fact that certain municipal administrations have ordered the face shields to be removed.

Agot Isidro Face Shield

The majority of Metro Manila mayors are in support of repealing the ordinance requiring individuals to wear a face cover when they leave their houses, according to reports. Agot claimed in a tweet that the face shield can do no good and that just a few people had profited from it.

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She also stated that, despite the fact that Filipinos wear face shields, the country’s position in some media remains low. Face shields, according to Agot, solely benefit government officials.

“Walang dinulot na mabuti ang face shield. – Bottom rank pa din tayo. Anubaaaa. – Pinayaman lang natin ang mga opisyal. – Dumami lang ang plastic sa garbage. Kulang pa ba kinita?” Agot wrote. 

It also reacted after health officials stated that goggles as an alternative to the face protection were being considered. One of the policies that netizens have often attacked is the face shield policy, which adds to their costs while also obstructing their view.

However, health officials believe that it will safeguard people from becoming infected with COVID-19. So yet, only the city of Manila has stated that the face shield requirement will be lifted in their jurisdiction.

The ordinance in Manila, however, remains “null and void,” according to Malacanang, because the IATF has yet to make an official determination. Isko Moreno, the mayor of Manila, argues that this is simply Malacanang’s perspective.

“Well, he is entitled to his opinion. As far as the Local Government Code is concerned, it is within the power of the local chief executive under Section 16, the general welfare clause. His opinion is as good as mine,” said Moreno.

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