Arrogant Rider Pulls Out Gun After Being Confronted Over Risky Driving

Arrogant Rider Caught on Cam Pulled Out Gun Amid Road Confrontation

Video footage shows an arrogant rider pulling out a gun against a fellow rider after being confronted due to risky driving on the road.

Road commotions between motorists are typical occurrences not just in the Philippines but also in other countries. The traffic commotions were caused by arrogant and irresponsible drivers who were driving dangerously.

A post on Facebook shared video footage of a fight between two motorcycle riders. A motorist riding a red motorcycle was chastised for his dangerous driving in a video taken by a helmet camera.

Arrogant Rider Gun
Screengrab from the Video

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The owner of the video claims he approached the biker because he allegedly kept flicking on him while driving. The biker becomes haughty after being flagged down and exits his vehicle.

While being accosted, the arrogant rider opens the storage of his motorcycle and pulls out a revolver. According to the footage, it can be seen that the armed rider pulls the slide cambering a round from the loaded magazine and ready to fire anytime.

One bullet is also observed to spring off when he slides the rifle, based on the video. As a result, the confronting motorcycle rider keeps his cool and avoids the traffic confrontation with the armed motorist.

The video quickly went popular on social media, eliciting emotions from the online community. Netizens chastised the arrogant biker, alleging that he is only tough because he is holding a gun.

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