Japanese Man in Joker Costume Attacked Train Passengers in Tokyo

17 Train Passengers Injured in a Knife Attack by a Japanese Man in Joker Costume

A 24-year-old Japanese man wearing a Joker costume attacked passengers on the Tokyo train that resulting in 17 of them suffering injuries.

When the suspect set fire to a carriage headed to Shinjuku, up to 17 persons were injured. He sprayed a clear liquid around the wagon and set it on fire based on the report.

Japanese Joker

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The passengers can be seen sprinting through carriages away from the flames, while others clamber from windows, in a video posted online. The guy allegedly sat inside the train after the incident and smoked a cigarette.

According to a passenger, he initially mistook it for a Halloween prank, then the suspect allegedly stabbed him with a knife. The attack took place near Kokuryo station, in the city’s western outskirts, at around 20:00 local time (11:00 GMT).

The suspect allegedly stated that he intended to kill so that he might be condemned to death, according to local media sources. According to police, the man stated that he had “wanted to kill someone since June” after quitting his job and witnessing several of his friendships fall apart.

He also confessed to police that he admired the Batman character Joker. He dressed as the Joker because he “looked up to him,” according to the report.

Meanwhile, no Filipinos have been reported harmed, according to Philippine Deputy Chief of Mission to Japan Robespierre Bolivar. He further stated that the subject is now in police custody. More than 283,000 Filipinos are believed to live in Japan, with roughly 34,000 living in Tokyo.

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