LJ Reyes Answers ‘Mahal niya pa rin si Paolo Contis’

Here’s what LJ Reyes said about what she currently feels for Paolo Contis

Actress LJ Reyes reacted to the comments of people saying “mahal niya pa rin si Paolo Contis” during a recent interview on King Of Talk Boy Abunda’s YouTube channel.

It was in the same YT channel of Tito Boy where LJ spoke about her breakup with Paolo. Apparently, the actress and the seasoned host did not expect that the said interview will become viral.

lj reyes paolo contis
📷: The Manila Times

At that time, LJ was really emotional and she was intentionally divulging certain things surrounding her breakup with her former partner. She said in the recent interview that although she is a public figure for being a celebrity, she has a conscious effort of keeping a certain amount of privacy, especially when it comes to her family.

With a hesitant way of answering the questions in a previous interview, netizens commented that she was still protecting Paolo Contis. LJ Reyes clarified that her kids were the ones she was protecting.

Then, Tito Boy said that there were also those who commented that “mahal niya pa rin si Paolo”. The actress answered that loving someone is not like the feeling will just immediately go away if that person committed a mistake.

“I don’t think that it will just go away like that,” she said. LJ added that at this moment, she is not thinking about this because a lot of things happened and she also went through an emotional rollercoaster.

Pero kung totoong nagmahal ka, hindi rin totoong bigla mo na lang pwedeng sabihin sa sarili mo na i-off mo na ang pagmamahal na yun,” LJ Reyes said. However, she stressed that it is on the point that she can say that they are okay again. The fact that and Paolo have their daughter added complications to that situation and emotion.

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