Albie Casino Happy Andi Eigenmann Gained Weight, Here’s What He Said

This is what Albie Casino said about ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.

ALBIE CASINO – PBB celeb housemate Albie Casino speaks about his ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann and reveals she did not apologize yet.

A promising actor and already a rising star during his Mara Clara days is Albie Casino but his supposed rise to prominence was cut short when he got involved in an allegation. He was accused as the father of Andi Eigenmann‘s first child but he vehemently denied it amid the issue. And later on, it was found out that he is telling the truth because the father is Jake Ejercito.

In a previous article, Albie shared that Andi has not apologized to him yet. The accusations have taken a toll on his career but he accordingly hasn’t heard her say sorry to him for what she has done. However, Andi said otherwise. She accordingly apologized to him already but chose not just to publicize the matter. She said, “My past struggles have taught me that we can never really please everybody.”

And up until now, Albie stands by his statement – Andi did not apologize to him yet. During a kumulitan livestream session, he did not hold his tongue anymore to speak his mind about it because he’s gone tired of covering up for her just so she would appear good. Bluntly, he expressed that some of his friends have seen Andi in Siargao and many of them said she gained weight. He doesn’t know if it’s bad to feel this but he’s happy about it.

He expressed, “And my friends just saw her in Siargao and they said she’s super fat so that makes me super happy. I don’t know if that’s bad of me. But it brings me great joy to know she gained a lot of weight now. Yeah, I don’t care. That’s the truth (laughs).”

Albie furthered that he was taught not to open his mouth if he has nothing good to say. And in his logic, since he was taught this way, if he ever accordingly sees her or be with her for a time, he won’t say a word because he has nothing good to say to her.

“If she tries to talk, I’m just going to look at her like she has poop on her shirt. That’s all I’m going to do. Because I don’t know, man, I was open to giving her a chance to apologize but she never did apologize,” he added as per Push.


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