Vicki Belo Shares Most Expensive & Cheapest LV Items In This Store

In the largest LV store in the country, Vicki Belo shares to her viewers the most expensive and cheapest item that can be bought in there.

VICKI BELO – Beauty doctor Vicki Belo gives us a glimpse of the largest Louis Vuitton store in the Philippines and the cheapest and most expensive items from there.

One of the longest and standing luxury brands is Louis Vuitton and its origin is in Paris. And this is no surprise that it has become one of the most valuable luxury brands for decades. Wealthy and influential people invest their money in brands like this because of their value and quality. Apart from that, the designs are classic and timeless which can transcend any trend.

It all started from making boxes and luggage which was a success. They also started making trunks made out of canvas instead of leather which are waterproof and durable. Through time, because of the quality of the products, the business grew bigger after facing some humps. It grew bigger and today, they produce not just bags but also dresses, shirts, shoes, jewelry, and many more.

And in the Philippines, before the opening of the biggest LV store here, an avid collector of various items from the said brand, Dra. Vicki Belo just had an exclusive chance to visit it without the crowd. For the first one, she showed her viewers the dresser where anything can be put into it that costs a whopping Php 9.6 million and something she wouldn’t buy.

More than the bags, Belo is more fond of buying outfits from the store because of her style preference and timeless designs. As she roams around, the cheapest and most expensive items from that store have been introduced to her.

The cheapest is the travel book which is worth Php 1,600.00 each and the most expensive item that can be worn is the 18-karat gold choker. The golden choker has a whopping price of Php 5.1 million.

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