Paul Soriano On ‘Real Life Fiction’ starring Piolo Pascual, Jasmine Curtis

Paul Soriano talked about his new film

Real Life Fiction, the new film of director Paul Soriano features Piolo Pascual and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and this tackles the observation of the filmmaker on how actors create their characters.

For Direk Paul, so far, this project is the most personal. In the movie, Piolo plays the character of Paco, a seasoned actor who decided to write, direct, and act in his own movie. He met Paula, played by Jasmine, a newbie actress, based on the article in The Philippine Star.

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People around Paco thought that they know who he really is but there is a struggle in him as he is dealing with his mortality while rediscovering who he really is. This movie showed the thin or blurred line between being an actor and being who he is in real life.

“It is kind of like a film within a film because you actually see the making of the film. You also see bits and pieces of the film they’re shooting. It’s kind of what the structure of Real Life Fiction is,” Paul Soriano said about the film.

The director said that Piolo is the perfect actor for the role with his over a three-decade career in showbiz. Direk Paul is thankful that he has this chance to this film which showed his perspective as a filmmaker for the past 15 years.

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He also shared that he began conceptualizing the film after he attended the Tokyo Film Festival in 2019 for his movie Mañanita.

When the lockdown was implemented in the Philippines, in March 2020, Direk Paul was presenting the idea to Piolo and the latter liked it. They were able to shot the film in August 2020. Their locked-in taping lasted a month.

Real Life Fiction all just came together. All the pieces were happening. Piolo said yes, Jasmine, yes, the team was okay, the location was okay, so game,” Direk Paul Soriano said.

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