‘Dugyot’ Taho Factory Still Operates After Authorities Ordered Its Closure

Authorities Caught ‘Dugyot’ Taho Factory Operating After Authorities Ordered Its Closure

The ‘dugyot’ taho factory in Quezon City is still operating after the authorities have ordered the closure of the business establishment.

The Quezon City Task Force Disiplina and the police force discovered that a taho factory in Commonwealth Avenue still operates despite the cease and desist order. The authorities ordered its closure for failing to comply the sanitation policy.

The police officers and task force employees got shocked after witnessing the disgusting situation inside the workplace. The taho containers and buckets were too dirty and other equipment is already rusty.

Taho Factory

The authorities have seen dirty water, cockroaches and other disgusting objects inside the factory. The cops raided the area after the residents reported that the factory is emitting a thick dark smoke.

“‘Yung kalinisan kulang, ‘yung kaayusan sa loob ng tahuan, hindi po makita talagang puwedeng pumasa. At talaga pong masasabi natin na marumi ‘yung kanilang facility,” Task Force Disiplina staff Mary Anne Del Rosario said.

The city officials failed to contact the owner but they were able to talk to its relative named Lorna Madriaga. The latter also begged the authorities not to shut down the business establishment.

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The Task Force Disiplina also discovered that the establishment has no permit to operate and failed to acquire a sanitation permit. The officials immediately closed the factory to ensure the safety of the public.

The government personnel would monitor the building to prevent it from the illegal resumption of their operations. The business could operate again after acquiring the necessary documents and cleaning the workplace.

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