Rico Blanco reacts to Age Gap Issue, ‘May-December Love Affair’ Remarks

Rico Blanco shared his thoughts on the 25-year age gap he and Maris Racal have

Singer-songwriter Rico Blanco has this reaction when asked about the age gap issue and the “May-December love affair” remark about him and girlfriend actress-singer Maris Racal.

Rico and Maris confirmed their relationship a few months ago but the latter admitted in an interview that they have been a couple even before the pandemic occurred. Their relationship garnered positive feedback from the public but Maris shared that she was apprehensive of what will other people may about them.

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It is because she and Rico have a 25-year age gap. When speculations about the real score between them circulated, the actress-singer shared a post saying that “age is just a number”. Apparently, this is not an issue for her.

In a recent interview on Cristy Fermin’s radio program, Rico Blanco was also asked about the age gap issue and the remarks that they have a “May-December love affair”.

The singer-songwriter said that he and Maris don’t feel like there is a big age gap. When they are together, it is as if there is no issue with who is older or who is younger. Rico even said that there are times when Maris is the one reprimanding him.

“Hindi siya malaking bagay sa aming relationship,” he said adding that their conversations do not reflect the age that they have. “Hindi po kami conscious doon masyado,” Rico Blanco added.

In the same interview, he also mentioned that his relationship with Maris is a whole new level as they have a lot in common. The singer-songwriter said that they are almost the same and he would see himself sometimes in his girlfriend like how they would react in a certain situation.

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