Pacquiao To Take On Magnus Carlsen In Virtual Chess Match

Pacquiao To Take On Virtual Version Of Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen

PACQUIAO VS CARLSEN – Fighting Senator Manny Pacquiao is set to take on the virtual version of reigning chess champion, Magnus Carlsen.

Pacquiao has been known to step outside his comfort zone in the boxing ring to try out other ventures. As we can clearly see, he’s a Senator in the Philippines who wants to run for President in 2022.

Pacquiao To Take On Magnus Carlsen In Virtual Chess Match

Additionally, he has also dabbled in other sports such as basketball. Along with this, Pacquiao also has a music video way back in 2015.

Now, Pacquiao wishes to take on a challenge of the mind. On October 1st, Pacquiao would face off against the 10-year-old computer version of Carlsen in the Magnus Carlsen Celebrity Challenge.

I am very much excited to play Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion. This is something that doesn’t happen every day and I will be placed in a different arena this time around“, said Pacquiao.

Meanwhile, Carlsen responded by asking “Are you ready to rumble?“.

The Pacman hopes that he could be the first-ever non-chess-related celebrity to beat Carlsen’s younger version in the Play Magnus app. Still, the event itself is for a good cause.

Through the event, Pacquiao wanted to promote the “Stop Asian Hate” campaign as he would donate $5,000 to his chose charity for partaking in the event.

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