Proud Filipina Olivia Rodrigo Wears Face Shield To VMAs

Olivia Rodrigo Face Shield Leads Netizens To Believe She Is Proud Filipina

OLIVIA RODRIGO – For some netizens wearing a face shield was concrete proof that singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo is a proud Filipina.

In most countries, governments don’t impose a face shield policy. However, the Philippines is among a few countries that order the public to do so.

As such, a lengthy debate was born out of the face shield issue in the Philippines. Still, most people say that wearing a face shield outside could be something unique to the Filipino.

Meanwhile, as Filipinos are debating whether or not face shields are require, Olivia Rodrigo took it upon herself to wear one during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). This elicited several hilarious comments from netizens who say that she’s truly a proud Pinay.

Proud Filipina Olivia Rodrigo Wears Face Shield To VMAs

“Hoy, nakafaceshield si Olivia kanina sa VMA HAHAHAHAHA confirmed, Filipino talaga sya!”, one netizen commented. Another netizen commented, “Hindi niya matatago pagiging Pilipino niya“.

In the photo, Rodrigo was seen interacting with other people, thus, as a safety precautions, she wore a face shield instead of a face mask. But, in the Philippines, you need to wear both out in public.

Unfortunately, instead of doing this for health and safety reasons, wearing a faceshield is done out of compliance. Thus, wheneber authorities aren’t around, face shields are simply placed on top of our heads.

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