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What Is The Meaning Of Naur In Twitter? [Example Sentences And More!]

MEANING OF NAUR – If you’re a boomer (or feel like one), then you probably don’t understand the inner workings of the Twitterverse.

As such, it’s completely understandable to feel lost and confused when reading the vast ocean that is social media. Here, we’d see words that look alien to us.

However, most of these words or slang phrases are particularly simple in nature. Among these words is “naur“. What exactly does this word mean?

Meaning Of Naur – Twitter Slang Explanations & Examples

Simply put, “naur” is just “no” but said in an Australian accent. There you go, that’s the meaning of the word “naur“. But, now that you know the meaning, you may be curious as to where it actually started.

Like most memes and viral fiends on social media, the origins of “naur” are hard to trace. Still, we do have a good starting point that stemmed from a lighthearted banter between Americans and Australians.

On Twitter and TikTok, netizens were joking about how Australians would sound like if they were trapped in a Jigsaw movie. One Twitter user said:

Australians trapped in a jigsaw trap would be like “oh naur it’s jigsaur”

Here’s another use of “naur” in action from TikTok user JalaniBaby:



♬ original sound – Jalani

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