Gretchen Barretto: Mr. Fu Shares Funny Story About Former Actress

This incident happened on the set of the past series of Gretchen Barretto

Entertainment reporter Mr. Fu shared this funny story about former actress Gretchen Barretto during the time she was taping a teleserye in the past.

In the recent article by Mr. Fu in Manila Bulletin, he highlighted the “love boxes” that Gretchen sent out for reporters and people in the media, as well as celebrities. The reporter said that he does not know the former actress personally but he has interviewed her in the past.

gretchen barretto
📷: Manila Bulletin

Gretchen gave boxes filled with grocery and essential items through showbiz reporter Francis Simeon and her good friend Ana Abiera, Mr. Fu was one of the recipients. He shared that he messaged Gretchen Barretto after he received the love box for him and the former actress “replied with kind words.

Then, Mr. Fu mentioned that her friend late Director Francis Pasion was all praises for the longtime partner of business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco. The late director was the one who directed Greta in her past Kapamilya series.

Direk Francis shared with Mr. Fu a funny story about Gretchen Barretto. It was said that the former actress went to the set wearing her pearls, the reporter wasn’t sure if it was earrings or a necklace. The sequence that will be shot at that time only required Gretchen to portray her sleeping character.

gretchen barretto
📷: PEP

The director told her assistant director to tell Greta to take off her pearls and her answer to this was “Why Direk? Is it a sin to wear pearls while sleeping?” With this, the shoot continued with Gretchen Barretto sleeping with her pearls.

Aside from this, Direk Francis also mentioned to Mr. Fu that Gretchen Barretto bought him a brand new laptop after she knew that the one he was using was lost in a house robbery.

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