AJ Raval Confesses To Having A Girlfriend As Her First Relationship

The first relationship of AJ Raval was with a girl and here’s what she said about it.

AJ RAVAL – At around the age of 15, AJ Raval admits to having a girlfriend for her first relationship and here’s why it ended.

Gender is a certain standard in the society which dictates that if you are girl, you must be with a boy, and if you are a boy, you must be with a girl. This certain standard has born a certain taboo to those who wanted to be with someone or in love with a person of the same gender. But nowadays, this situation is being accepted and tolerated already.


And not afraid to admit that her first relationship was with a girl is AJ Raval. She recently did this “extreme girlfriend challenge” with singer-vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome. She experienced being treated special and surprised by someone because of the content for the first time. They did what any other couples do like eating together, going around, talking, and watching a movie together.

At the end of the vlog, Bartolome expressed a realization saying that being in that type of a relationship just seemingly goes the same with being in a normal one – the only difference is the gender. For AJ, the content was a new experience for her but confessed that being in a relationship with a girl for real is something she has already done.


For her first relationship, she was just around 15 years old then, she had a girlfriend. She admitted in the vlog that she fell in love with her soul but due to their immaturity which comes with being young, they ended up their relationship. Meanwhile, the previous relationship of the actress was with Axel Torres.

They were together for roughly two years but her career path caused them to break apart. Her decision to do daring movies was one of the reasons why they ended up their relationship. A breakup is painful but for AJ, instead of focusing on her love life, she wanted to put her attention more on her career.



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