Jose Mari Chan Reveals Story Behind “A Perfect Christmas” w/c he wrote in just 2 Days

Story Behind the Jose Mari Chan Song A Perfect Christmas

JOSE MARI CHAN – The Chinese-Filipino singer-songwriter revealed the story behind the song “A Perfect Christmas” which he wrote in 2 days.

Once again, it is the most wonderful time of the year as the Christmas season is here. This is the favorite season of most people most especially the young ones.

Filipinos greet the month of September with Christmas songs being played in households and in public places. Many individuals also start thinking about the gifts to buy for their loved ones for Christmas and as well as plans on how to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Among the favorite Christmas songs of many people are those sang by Chinese-Filipino singer Jose Mari Chan who is dubbed as the Father of Christmas Carols. However, do you know that he does not consider it?

Jose Mari Chan
Photo: Philippines Lifestyle News

Based on an interview with OG, the Chinese-Filipino singer prefers to be called the little drummer boy who heralds the Christmas season. He explained that many Christmas songs were already there even before he came and he is just blessed that his songs hooked the people.

During the interview, Jose Mari Chan revealed the story behind the popular Christmas song, A Perfect Christmas, which he wrote in just two (2) days. According to the Chinese-Filipino singer, he brought the song “Christmas in Our Hearts” to his record producer, Bella Tan.

However, Bella confronted him that radio stations may not play it because it is like a Christian song. Although in disbelief as he stressed that the season is really all about Jesus, he followed the instruction to write another song that is romantic.

Jose Mari Chan came up with A Perfect Christmas which speaks not just of a man’s wish this Christmas but throughout his lifetime – to always spend the season with the woman he loves. With regards to his favorite line of the song, he cited, “I can’t think of a better Christmas than my wish coming true”.

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