Heart Evangelista Replies To Insults About Not Having A Child Yet

Here’s the reply of Heart Evangelista to comments about her being childless.

HEART EVANGELISTA – Famous actress Heart Evangelista has this response to personal attacks from netizens about her not having her own child yet.

Over six years ago, Heart Evangelista married Chiz Escudero in a grand wedding ceremony held at Balesin. Their relationship, at that time, was a bit controversial because of her parents’ objections. Heart’s parents were not there during the wedding but years after, everything is all good now between them. Her parents’ have learned to love Chiz and they saw the good man he is that their daughter has fallen in love with.


In a previous article, her mother likes his ways of allowing her to grow on her own. She can also see that Heart is fine and happy being with him. The mother also added that allowing each other to grow individually is something that is good in marriage.

Meanwhile, after the wedding, the most common expectation of people is for the couple to build their own family and have children of their own. However, it has been more than six years already but they don’t have a child yet. Heart was pregnant with twins before but suffered a miscarriage while Chiz has twins from his previous marriage.


Heart lost both from that miscarriage and it was the most heartbreaking part of her life. She was already excited to give them the best life but they were taken back by heaven. And now, being childless has made her the target of criticisms from some of the people online. It’s a personal attack on the actress and such an attack has been going on for a long time. The bashers are seemed to be tireless to point that she is less of a woman without her own baby.

But despite the negative comments, Heart remained calm and positive as she composed a reply to them. Accordingly, it’s her own body. Even without a child, a person can still be happy. Those who expressed below-the-belt comments against her don’t know the struggle.

As long as she is happy and everything around her is fine, she’s okay by that, and if she ever conceives again, it would be a bonus. She is happy and grateful for what she has now. And reminded that instead of pulling down each other, be an inspiration.


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