Angel Locsin Husband: Neil Arce Reveals Challenging Part

Neil Arce talked about being the husband of Angel Locsin

A-list actress Angel Locsin is now officially married to film producer Neil Arce and the latter revealed the challenging part being the husband of the “real-life Darna”.

Angel is indeed well-loved by many showbiz fans and she is being tagged as the real-life Darna not just for playing the iconic Pinay superhero character but also for being generous in helping other people.

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Last month, Angel and Neil revealed that they already tied a knot through a civil wedding ceremony. They also showed glimpses of their new beautiful home.

The union of the celebrity couple also brought happiness to their friends in showbiz. Talking to Inquirer Entertainment columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal, Neil Arce said that there was no major adjustment after he and Angel Locsin got married.

It is known to many that before being together as a couple, Angel and Neil have been friends for several years already. The film producer said that their adjustment now as a married couple is just the “usual boy and girl stuff, like leaving things around.”

He also revealed that he and Angel have the same love languages. “We have the same love languages, which are acts of service and words of affirmation. We both do those for each other,” Neil said.

When it comes to resolving their differences, the husband of the actress said that they agree to disagree on certain things and that they know how to compromise. Through this, it is easy for them to compromise.

For the best thing about being married to Angel Locsin, Neil Arce said that there is no enough space to enumerate his answer. On the other hand, he said that the status of her wife has become a challenging thing for him.

“As for the challenging part, it is sharing her with the Filipino people, because I know how much she cares for them as well,” he said. When asked about the marriage advice he follows, the film producer answered, “Put God in the center of your relationship.”

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