Dominic Roque Sees His Future With Girlfriend Bea Alonzo

“I can see our future together,” says Dominic Roque about his girlfriend now.

DOMINIC ROQUE – Famous actor Dominic Roque is certain about his vision with Bea Alonzo and of their future together.

The previous relationship of Bea Alonzo ended up in a bad and controversial breakup. And with her new relationship now with Dominic Roque, she is happy with the perception of the people given her past experience. She believes that ‘he’s not out there to hurt women’. She also felt like he is worth the risk and the chance.

In a previous article, she shared that among the things she loves about him include his honesty and the way he takes care of her in every way possible. His love language is the act of service and he makes her life easier by providing her with anything she never thought would be of use for her.

She believes that the lightness they have now is because of the friendship they’ve had for years. They don’t need to pretend anymore and introduce themselves as someone ideal to each other. Their friendship as the foundation of their relationship played a great role and even before diving into the commitment, they sure know already what to expect from one another.

And in the latest appearance of Dominic in a podcast, he showed certainty of his future being with his girlfriend now. He shared at first that he’s doing good in terms of his work, life, and in the aspect of love. After confirming their relationship, he admitted that it gave them freedom. They can now do things together without the issues and the calculated moves.

Bea is the first girlfriend Dom has been so open about to the public. He has his previous share of relationships but this is the first time that he introduced someone to the people. And describing their relationship now, he jested, “I can see our future together. Yun, yun.”

Just like Bea, he’s not also into games. They’re serious about what they have now and believed that they are at the right timing. He also pointed out that they are not getting any younger.

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