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Roque Says Removing Face Shield Requirement Not Key Issue During IATF Meeting

FACE SHIELD REQUIREMENT – Earlier, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that removing the face shield requirement was not discussed in the recent Interagency Task Force Meeting.

Since the early days of the pandemic, President Duterte created several task forces to tackle the spread of the disease in the country. With this, the IATF has become the leading authority when it comes to quarantine and health protocols.

However, the public, several lawmakers, doctors, engineers, and aerodynamic experts all expressed their confusion toward the face shield. Moreover, the Philippines is among the few, if not, the only country that keeps face shields as a public requirement.

Removing Face Shield Requirement Not Discussed In IATF - Roque

Because of this, the government had long faced harsh criticism because of this requirement. But recently, Roque finally had an answer to the publics’ query regarding this.

Unfortunately, that answer is as unsatisfactory as per usual. According to an article from Philstar, Roque said:

“Sa ngayon po wala. Pero I understand that even the WHO will render an expert opinion on whether or not the use of faceshield is justified. Antayin po natin ang opinyon ng WHO.”

Meanwhile, according to an article from Institute Global, face shields do offer protection against COVID-19. However, the issue lies with small airborne droplets being sucked in around the shield.

Moreover, the article wrote:

“While they offer some level of source control, face shields are not as effective as masks in preventing the outward transmission of particles.”

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