Kris Bernal On ‘Societal Beauty Standards’: ‘I’m not ugly’

Kris Bernal shared this post addressing body-shamers

Actress Kris Bernal talked about “societal beauty standards” on her recent Instagram post and she stressed the importance of self-acceptance.

Just like other celebrities in the Philippines, Kris also has her own set of bashers. One of the things that is being criticized about her is her looks and her body. Previously, negative comments were posted on her Instagram photo saying that she is too skinny and that she should gain a little weight.

kris bernal
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For her pre-bridal photos, Kris Bernal chose to discuss an important topic that matters to her and based from her own experience. She said that the society has a certain beauty standard and often people apply this to everyone.

Before I put another ring on it, let me talk about the things that I value – SOCIETAL BEAUTY STANDARDS – Do you hate your body or do you hate the social meaning given to your body that has resulted in people treating you in a harmful way?” she said.

Then, the actress stressed, “No, I’m not ugly, I’m just not the beauty standard!” She added that she is not listening to those who are saying that she is otherwise.

kris bernal
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For Kris, not minding the societal beauty standards, imperfections will imminent but this will show the experiences that a person went through and this is reality.

And, those little but very REAL “Imperfections” have a lot to say about our lives, experiences, they have a lot to say about all of us, incredible, powerful women who must learn to appreciate every little thing that makes us, “SHE”, Kris Bernal pointed out.

She also shared her message to all the body shamers saying that her body deserves respect and it is her home and it is not something available for others to criticize. “It’s an archive of experiences. My body has fought battles that only I will ever understand. So instead of placing value upon my body and what it looks like, place it upon my being, and who I am in the inside. God looks at the beauty of our hearts,” she added.

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