Heart Evangelista On How She Earns Money & Where She Earns More

This is where Heart Evangelista earns more money apart from being an actress.

HEART EVANGELISTA – “Queen of International Collaborations” Heart Evangelista shares what she does that makes her earn more money.

What famous actress Heart Evangelista does to her money is investing in authentic and valuable things like bags and pieces of jewelry. She did this closet tour before and it never failed to take her viewers in real awe seeing her huge collections of a lot of things coming from various luxury brands.

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She admitted that she really wanted a lot of things. She confessed that shopping is her language of love and she grew up this way with her parents. Every achievement is compensated or rewarded by something you really want. This way, it will drive and motivate a person to even do better to get better results. The more achievements you make, the more good things will come your way.

During her interview with Karen Davila, she said that she makes her own money and she uses this to fill her wants and desires. She has always been vocal about working really hard if she wants to get a hold of something. And just recently, she clarified in a previous article that she is not using her husband’s money for her own wants. They actually signed a prenup when they married each other.


She then added that she is not extremely rich as others might think of her. She’s been working but she’s not crazy rich. The prenup, for her, also serves as a piece of clean evidence that she’s not just there to use her husband for his money. And when asked about her ways to earn aside from acting which has become her bread and butter for the longest time, she does other things.

She does a lot of things but for now, what’s giving her more money comes from endorsements, brand deals, social media posting, and vlogging for YouTube.

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One of Heart’s greatest qualities is just being herself

Heart was so real during the interview. She’s so fun to watch. Listening to her parang nakikipagchikahan ka lang sa bestfriend mo. 😃

Parang ang sarap sarap kausap ni heart. Ang saya ng interview.


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