Taliban Promises To Fight Climate Change In Push For Global Recognition

Taliban Promises To Help Fight Climate Change As It Aims For Legitimacy Amongst Countries

TALIBAN FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE – In an attempt to rebrand their image on a global scale, the Taliban promises to help combat climate change.

According to Abdul Qahar Balkhi, an official of Taliban’s Cultural Commission of Islamic Emirate, the group has sought out global recognition. As such, they wish to engage in initiatives that could help them get recognized globally.

Following the downfall of the Afghan Government, the Taliban took over its capital, Kabul. In doing so, the Taliban stated that it wished to be known not as a terror group, but as a body that has “gained its right of self-determination from a foreign occupation with the backing and support of an entire nation”.

Taliban Promises To Fight Climate Change In Push For Global Recognition

Additionally, Balkhi emphasized that the Taliban wished to tackle not only problems within Afghanistan but also issues that face “the entire humanity”.

However, despite their claims to help with climate change, the Taliban has long been accused of climate-harming projects. Amongst these are illegal logging and mining.

Moreover, according to a report from Newsweek, the militant group has control of over $1 trillion worth of mineral resources. But, the group said they have supported green initiatives such as tree planting for years.

Still, experts believe that the Taliban’s announcement of fighting climate change was simply a ruse due to rising concerns over the safety of Afghan residents. Along with these, women have also expressed deep concern for their wellbeing under the new Taliban rule.

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