Baby Tossed Around Crowd As Afghans Attempt To Flee From Taliban

Baby Tossed Around Crowd As People Desperately Attempts To Leave Kabul

BABY TOSSED AROUND CROWD – A video of a baby being passed around in a crowd went viral.

Tensions continue to rise in the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan capital of Kabul. This led to thousands of residents desperately trying to flee the city.

However, with the Taliban blocking exits and closing in borders, this has become a difficult task. Meanwhile, some parents, in a heartbreaking attempt to save their child, passed him around the crowd so he could reach the exit first.

The gut-wrenching video was taken at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Here, we could see a small child being passed forward so that he could reach the gate.

Baby Tossed Around Crowd As Afghans Attempt To Flee From Taliban

Here is the full video of the incident:

Here are some of the comments netizens had regarding the video:

People are so desperate to escape the T-ban that they’re passing babies and kids forward to the gate at Kabul airport.

This is breaking me. oh my god, those poor children. I pray they see their parents again. 💔

Are they taking the babies and children? Hard to tell if they did. My gosh so heartbreaking. As a mama I couldn’t imagine but at the same time would do anything to make sure my baby was safe, even if it meant that we would have to be separated. Unbelievably heartbreaking 💔

Unfortunately, this video is not an isolated event in Afghanistan several news agencies such as Sky News reported how women in Kabul have been throwing their children over barbed wire.

Afterward, they would plead to British soldiers to take care of their children. “It was terrible, women were throwing their babies over the razor wire, asking the soldiers to take them, some got caught in the wire.“, a soldier said.

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