What Is The Meaning Of PS In Tagalog? (Answers)

PS MEANING IN TAGALOG – A “Post Script” or PS is something that we often see in letters. However, when it comes to the Filipino language, you don’t often see this.

Nevertheless, there is a translation for this word in Tagalog. In the Filipino language, “P.S.” or postscript can be translated as “Pahabol-Sulat”.

Much like your regular post scripts in English, the “pahabol-Sulat” can be used to place emphasis on a key topic that was not found in the Text Body. But, with advancements in Technology now, how even is PS relevant?

PS Meaning In Tagalog – Example Sentences And More

Well, back in the olden days, sending telegrams was expensive. As such, people tend to shorten words by omitting letters outside. Because of this, the PS at the end or “post” is used to denote that you still have something important to say.

However, due to modern means of communication, this is definitely a thing of the past as people can have unlimited edits when writing electronic mail or printing.

Here are some example sentences using “PS” or “Pahabol Sulat” translated from English to Tagalog:

  • In a postscript to her letter, she promised to write again soon.
  • PS Don’t forget to let the cat in before you go to bed.

In Tagalog, these sentences can be translated as:

  • Sa isang pahabol-sulat, ang babae ay nangakong susulat siyang muli sa madaling panahon.
  • Pahabol-sulat (PS), huwag mong kalimutan na palabasin ang pusa bago ka matulog.

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