Regine Velasquez went through this phase in her career.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez shared how she dealt with “hindi masyadong kagandahan, maputi lang” comment on her when she was started in the entertainment industry.

Just like many artists in Philippine showbiz, Regine also had a humble beginning. She had to work hard in order to achieve her dreams and now she is being considered as one of the icons in show business.

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During a recent interview on TV host Bianca Gonzalez’s “Legends Only” vlog, Regine Velasquez shared that when she was starting, she worked hard to prove herself. It is because at that time, she sounded different and although there were belter singers already, she was targeting a different audience unlike those who were prior to her.

Then, another challenge was her physical appearance. The Songbird revealed that there were those who said directly to her that she might not make it big in the industry as she was not beautiful.

Hindi siya masyadong kagandahan so baka hindi siya sisiskat, maputi lang,” Regine shared what was told to her. When asked how this kind of comment affects her, the singer-actress said that she has been hearing this since she was a little girl and because of this, it was already instilled in her mind that it was a fact that she was not beautiful.

However, Regine Velasquez said that this did not make her insecure and she accepted this as a reality of how she looked. On the other hand, in her mind, the Songbird would always say, “Well, wait ‘til you hear me sing.” She stressed that she is always confident with her voice.

For Regine, it is fine if people would call her ugly as they don’t need to look at her but just listen to the way how she sings. She also shared that she has no insecurities when it comes to her looks because her father would always a way to make her feel confident about herself.  

Lalo na kung madidinig niya na sa harap ko na sasabihan akong ‘pangit, sasabihin niya dun sa tao,’kung pangit ang anak ko, ano ka pa?’” Regine shared.

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