AJ Raval Open To Fall In Love With The Man Axel Torres Was Jealous Of Before

This man was one of the reasons why AJ Raval and Axel Torres broke up and the actress says she’s open to falling in love with this man.

AJ RAVAL – Daring actress AJ Raval is not closing doors in falling in love with this actor, who her ex-boyfriend was jealous of before their split.

In a previous article, actress AJ Raval revealed that she and Axel Torres have broken up two months ago. They are supposed to celebrate their second anniversary in September. One of the reasons is her daring image. He wasn’t able to handle the changes in her life when she decided to join show business and played several daring roles in various films.


With her beauty, she instantly became famous and with all the offers presented to her, she admitted that she cannot just give up her career hastily. On the other hand, she understands it if Axel cannot accept her decision in terms of what career path she would like to take. As of now, she’s more than willing to risk in her career as an actress than to take risks in love.

Furthermore, among the reasons was her former boyfriend’s jealousy towards Sean De Guzman, her leading man in the film Taya and one of the actors she has done a lot of intimate scenes with. In a report from PEP, she revealed that she is close to him and expressed that she is open to the possibility of actually falling in love with him.


In full honest, she shared that he was one of the first persons she told her breakup with Axel. She accordingly told him in a private message about their split and joked about being available now if he has plans of wooing her. She told him jokingly, “Sean, break na kami. Puwede mo na akong ligawan.”

She grew fond of him and also, the actor is currently single and available just like her. She said as per PEP, “Napakabait na tao, maalaga. Pero kung magiging partners po kami, bakit hindi?”



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