Paulo Avelino clarifies he’s not ‘Pakilig’, Explains Online Interaction w/ Fans

Paulo Avelino reacts to the perception that he is “pakilig” on social media

Actor Paulo Avelino clarified that he is not someone who is “pakilig” and he also explained her interaction with his fans online.

Unlike on Instagram, Paulo engages with her fans on Twitter more. He would reply to netizens’ tweets and would post random things on the micro-blogging social media platform.

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There was even a time when he invited his fans to have “inuman” session with him. During a recent interview by G3 San Diego, he said that boredom pushed him to do that, based on the article in PUSH. The actor said that although he seldom goes out before the pandemic unless when he rides his motorcycle, he said that at times he also needs social interaction.

He also explained why he seemed to be more engaging on Twitter than on Instagram, Paulo Avelino said that it is not a persona but rather the everyday life. The actor also shared why he thinks that there are more replies on Twitter than on the photo-sharing social media platform.

“I think kaya maraming replies or retweets it’s because people can relate to it. Kumbaga, hindi lang ako yung nag-iisang ganun. Marami tayo. If you try to look at the kids now, they talk like that. They’re straightforward. It’s not really about speaking their language, it’s like adding your humor to their language,” he explained.

When it comes to “pakilig” perception, Paulo Avelino that he is not like that in real life. He shared that when he likes someone, he tries to know her and the other way around. “When I meet someone especially if I meet someone I like, parang I try to get to know the person more at the same time I try to be to get to know them as me as I could, without any pretensions, without any pa-sosyal or anything. It’s just like bare me. So they know ano yung pinapasok nila,” the actor said and then laughed.

Paulo also shared that he came across a fan who was obsessive to the point that person resorted to “kulam”. He also said that he is not closing the possibility that he will fall in love with a fan.

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