Mark Herras Cash Advance With GMA Reached Php 500K?

Lolit Solis reveals Mark Herras has a “vale” with GMA that reached half a million pesos.

MARK HERRAS – Lolit Solis remembers Php 500K-“vale” of Mark Herras with the GMA network because of this habit with an ex-girlfriend.

Apart from his 6-month-old son with Nicole Donesa, Mark Herras is also a father to his daughter with ex-girlfriend Diane Evangelista. With the responsibility that he has now, he really has to work harder but complacency has made his manager Lolit Solis mad at him. He was a very promising actor but after winning a reality show, the pace of his slowed down and it stood still while his contemporaries became successful.

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And just recently, in a previous article, Lolit revealed that he rang her up one time to borrow money for his son’s milk. She did immediately said “yes” to it but after she aired her sentiments about his and seeming unmoving career, she let him borrow the amount he called up her for.

In the same episode of her weekly online show where she revealed the “pangungutang” of Mark, she also had other revelations about him and his financial state from the past. “Inalipusta ko siya,” says Lolit who was in disbelief because he, a famous celebrity, doesn’t have a Php 30,000.00 in his hands. Mark assured her that his lock-in taping will start in August and by then, he will have something.

However, she countered him that the taping is not an assurance because there’s a chance that the project will be shelved just like what happened to others. She then recalled a moment when Mark became so easy with his money. The GMA network allows their homegrown talents to get cash advances and he has seemingly abused this opportunity.

He had a “vale” that reached almost half a million. Solis revealed, “Aba, gabi-gabi kung saan-saang bar sila gumigimik ng buong pamilya ng girlfriend niya. What I mean is, he has yet to work for the loaned money, why spend every single centavo of it, wala nang natira sa iyo?”

The same showbiz mother also told him about asking for a cut-off time just like the other big stars. Slamming this thought, Lolit told knocked him with words “Bakit, sino ka ba? Malaking artista ka ba?” to tell him that before he gets this privilege, he needs to be big first and he must work hard for this to happen.

The veteran columnist then added as per the article from Manila times, “Kaso, wala siyang focus sa career niya, and that’s what I’m angry about! Ayun, nagkandabaun-baon siya sa utang!”


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