Jonvic Remulla Defends Isko Moreno: ‘Yorme never lied, steal, did not kill’

Jonvic Remulla Defends Mayor Isko Moreno Over Topless Photos Circulating Online

JONVIC REMULLA- The Cavite Governor defends Manila Mayor Isko Moreno who went viral over topless photos circulating online.

Remulla has defended the Manila Mayor, who has been publicly humiliated as a result of previous sensitive images spread online. Yorme’s topless and underwear-only images from the 1990s have resurfaced on social media in recent days.

Jonvic Remulla
Image Source: Inquirer

They’re from the mayor of Manila’s photo shoots for the films he works for at the height of his showbiz career. Some chastised Isko for the leaked images on the internet, even linking them to his plans to run for president in the 2022 elections.

However, several defended and stood with Yorme, claiming that topless images were not a problem. In this controversy, Jonvic Remulla defended Isko, claiming that he did not breach any laws by entering show business as a teenager or by acting sexily in photographs.

“Yorme did not do those provocative poses while in office as a respected councilor, vice mayor or as the current Manila Mayor,” Remulla said in his Facebook post.

He added, “Hindi ito isyu. What’s important is that Yorme NEVER LIED, DID NOT STEAL, KILL nor did he ever brought shame to the great people of Manila as a public servant.”

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The governor went on to say that he didn’t find anything wrong with what Manila’s mayor did at the time because he was simply working for his family because he was poor. He went on to say that Isko was quite young at the time, and that the spotlight is highly appealing to a little guy from a poor family.

“And why not? The opportunity for him to earn a living was readily available. Ang paghatol sa kalaban sa pulitika ay dapat tungkol sa kaniyang kakayanan bilang Serbisyo Publiko at hindi paninira lamang base sa kaniyang nakaraan o noong siya ay bata pa,” Remulla boldly said.

The governor did not drop names in his Facebook status, but President Rodrigo Duterte recently commented on a Metro Manila mayor who appeared to be a raw call boy due to his nude images on social media. The president did not give his name, but only Isko, the mayor of Metro Manila, has recently circulated seductive images on the internet.

In the meantime, Remulla revealed that they had a furious fight with Isko in the first quarter of the year, but that they did not personalize it. Remulla had previously chastised Yorme for claiming that the Cavite province administration had failed to assist the Manileos who had been transferred to Naic.

He then claimed that Isko apologized to him and that they both forgiven each other. Only those who have broken the law will be subjected to punishment.

“Yorme should not be judged on such juvenile merits. Let his record of governance speak for itself,” he said.

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