Mystica Exposes Alleged Modus of “Online Manghuhula” Rudy Baldwin

Mystica Exposes Rudy Baldwin Alleged Fortune Telling Modus Operandi

Actress turned vlogger Mystica exposes the modus operandi of the “online manghuhula” Rudy Baldwin amid controversial issues.

Ruby Rose Villanueva, best known as her screen name ‘Mystica,’ a former actress and now vlogger, exposed celebrity fate teller Rudy Baldwin’s alleged scam modus in her most recent video. Rudy supposedly fortune tells for money, and Mystica shared her conversation with one of her victims.

“I-expose natin hanggang sa makulong siya,” Mystica advised her caller, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Japan. Mystica even became a lawyer when she mentioned the law that Rudy allegedly violated. Mystica cited Article 318 of the amended penal code, which states that soliciting money in exchange for divination is illegal.

Mystica Rudy Baldwin Modus

Rudy allegedly victimized many in their group, according to the caller. Rudy allegedly collected up to P30,000 from the OFW, according to the OFW’s story. She even claimed to have a co-worker who supposedly gave the fortune-teller P150,000.

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Rudy also has dreadful predictions about the said OFW, therefore she lives in constant worry. According to the OFW, the online fortune-teller offered me an amulet, which she stated she would sell in Japan. Mystica didn’t like the Rudy Baldwin information she received, so she shared it on her vlog.

“Minamanipula niya ang mga tao, niloloko niya ‘yung mga kaisipan nila tapos ‘yung mga tao naman dahil akala nila totoong tao ito at alagad ng Diyos ‘yun pala alagad ni Satanas,” said Mystica.

Rudy, on the other hand, paid little attention to Mystica’s pressures on him, which had already sunk to new lows. Meanwhile, Baldwin has launched an official lawsuit against those who are slandering her name.

Rudy said in his post that he went to the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime group to ask for assistance in locating the “false accounts” and “pages” that are purportedly still defaming her. She showed paperwork demonstrating that she had filed a lawsuit against unnamed individuals.

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