Roque Says Palace Appreciates Robredo For Laying Out COVID-19 Response Plan

PALACE APPRECIATES ROBREDO – Following President Duterte’s record-breaking two-hour and forty-six minute State of the Nation Address, Vice President Leni Robredo held her usual “Ulat sa Bayan Report”.

During the President’s SONA, he highlighted the accomplishments of the administration, especially during the Pandemic. However, it took him over two hours to talk about the government’s plan to handle COVID-19’s spread, especially with the new variant.

Meanwhile, during Robredo’s “Ulat Sa Bayan”, she enumerated a strategic plan to handle the spread of COVID-19 and the new Delta Variant in under fourteen minutes. Furthermore, she cited how the opposition relies on “internet trolls” whenever a new issue arises to attack and point blame.

Palace Says It Appreciates Robredo After Her COVID-19 Plan Breakdown

However, Palace spokesperson Harry Roque said that the Palace, is no way, is “diminishing” the efforts of Vice President Robredo. During a televised briefing, Roque said:

We welcome the initiatives of the Vice President in the fight against COVID-19. which she enumerated in her Ulat sa Bayan and we are in no way diminishing her efforts in this trying time…

Any contribution, including policy recommendations from the political opposition, to ensure the successful fight against the pandemic, is much appreciated

Moreover, he emphasized that the Palace is united with Robredo message when she said that it was the Filipinos who came to the rescue of Filipinos during hardships amid the pandemic.

We reiterate: Now is the time to focus on COVID-19 and help the national government in achieving population protection; so together, we will recover and have a happy Christmas and a better future for all Filipinos“, he added.

But, back in August of 2020, Duterte stated that Robredo would simply “destroy the government” if her suggestions for handling the pandemic were followed. Additionally, Roque also cited how Duterte has been “10 steps” ahead of Robredo.

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