Circuit Breaking Lockdowns Required In PH Now Says OCTA

OCTA Stresses Circuit Breaking Lockdowns Required Now In PH To Beat Delta Variant

CIRCUIT-BREAKING LOCKDOWNS – According to the OCTA research group, a “circuit breaking” lockdowns are required to be imposed in the Philippines to prevent a surge in Delta Variant cases.

Looking back at OCTA research’s track record, the group had always been highly criticized for its negative projections on COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. Back then, people were bashing the group after they warned of a 10k COVID-19 surge.

But since then, the group had been fairly accurate with their forecasts. This time, they noted that Metro Manila is “officially in a surge” and that lockdowns should be implemented.

Circuit Breaking Lockdowns Required In PH Now Says OCTA

During a televised press briefing, OCTA researcher Ranjit Rye stated:

We should go early and go hard. Ibig sabihin, mayroon tayong [Meaning, we have] anticipatory, preventive, circuit-breaking lockdown..

Tingin namin kung gagawin ito over the next two weeks, hindi lang natin mapapababa ‘yung mga kaso, hindi lang natin mapapababa ‘yung mahahawa at mamamatay, mase-save pa natin ang economy kasi napakaikli ng lockdown na gagawin natin

Furthermore, he noted that if the government were to be proactive in its fight against the new variant, it would “lose effective control of the epidemic”. “Ayaw lang namin mangyari ang nangyari sa Indonesia, India, Thailand na sumabog ‘yung mga kaso, delayed, too little too late ang response ng lahat“, he stressed.

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