Delta Variant Is Somewhere In Philippines – OCTA Researcher Warns

OCTA Researcher Warns Delta Variant Has Local Transmission Somewhere In Philippines

DELTA VARIANT IN PHILIPPINES – According to the OCTA Research group, the new Delta Variant could already have local transmissions somewhere in the country.

Recently, the Department of Health confirmed the presence of the new variant of concern in the Philippines. Furthermore, two patients from Antique were found positive for the virus with zero history of foreign travel.

But, the DOH emphasized that all patients found positive with the Delta Variant had already recovered with two of them pronounced dead. Still, during an interview with ABS-CBN, Professor Guido of OCTA warned that local transmission could already be present.

Delta Variant Is Somewhere In Philippines – OCTA Researcher Warns
Image from: CNN

Malamang may local transmission na ‘yan. Meron na ‘yan kasi may local cases na tayo na walang travel history“, he said. As such, he urged the public to take extra safety measures despite the DOH announcements.

Para sa akin, kahit hindi na natin hintayin ‘yung confirmation na ‘yun. I-assume na lang natin na may Delta variant somewhere sa Pilipinas. Kailangan maging proactive na tayo

Moreover, Guido warned that the new Delta Variant may already be spreading in the Philippines but officials just don’t know where. So, to combat this, Guido proposed the implementation of “bubbles” much like what the government did with NCR Plus.

According to him, this would greatly prevent the spread of the Delta Variant in other areas. Currently, only 35 cases of the new Delta Variant have been reported in the Philippines.

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