MMDA Chief Bong Nebrija Apprehends Rider Using Fake Driver’s License

MMDA Chief Bong Nebrija Apprehends Rider Using Fake Driver’s License

MMDA chief Edison Bong Nebrija apprehended a motorcycle rider who allegedly uses a fake driver’s license.

Edison Bong Nebrija has posted on his Facebook page the photos of a fake driver’s license they have recovered from a motorcycle rider. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that the MMDA chief apprehended a motorcycle rider due to a traffic violation and found out that he is using a fake driver’s license. The photos also show the quality of a fake license.

Bong Nebrija

Nebrija has also elaborated the characteristics of a fake license to help the Filipino motorists and driver to determine whether their licenses are real or not. The fake license contains a lot of imperfections.

The MMDA chief said that LED shines through as yellow in fake licenses while LED shines through as violet in authentic cards.

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Fake license Fake license Fake license

Here is the full post:

We apprehended another rider with a fake license. Here are the following issues with his license:

– Admitted to buying through Facebook. Did not go through Student License straight Non Professional

– No record with LTO

– Photo is printed incorrectly. Obviously not taken at LTO, it’s like a superimposed ID picture

– Card isn’t thick enough

– Poor print quality (flag)

– Expiry date is hand scratched

– UV Eagle is misaligned and too faint. Too small compared to standard license

– 2D barcode is poorly printed

– Card delaminates (impossible with fused polycarbonate license)

– LED shines through as yellow.

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