Why does Maris Racal feel pressured to be Rico Blanco’s girlfriend?

Actress-singer Maris Racal admitted that she is feeling pressured to be the girlfriend of singer-songwriter Rico Blanco due to this.

Maris somehow created the “inggit” vibe on social media, when talks about her relationship with Rico circulated. It is undeniable that the former Rivermaya member has become an icon when it comes to songwriting. His fans, especially women, would express admiration for him online with regards to the songs that he created.

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When Maris finally confirmed her relationship with Rico, the latter’s female fans somehow expressed envy to her. Being the girlfriend of the man who is known for the iconic lyrics in his songs, Maris Racal admitted that there is pressure to this.

After I finish writing a song, I will have him listen to it. And sometimes he’s impressed, sometimes he’s not. So there’s still that kind of pressure even though we have this kind of relationship,” the actress-singer said during a recent interview for her new single Ate Sandali, based on the article in Inquirer.

On the other hand, Maris stressed that having Rico guiding her when it comes to her music career is a big help. She said that despite this, she never felt that her boyfriend overstepped.

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He just lets me write and finish my songs alone in the studio. We still have that line we follow,” she shared. Rico is also encouraging her to focus on building her career just the way she wants it. For the singer-songwriter, Maris would not grow as an artist if he is always intervening.

Maris Racal also shared one important songwriting lesson that her boyfriend taught him and it is about exploring possibilities and not just getting stuck in a single phrase or verse.

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