Andi Eigenmann Posts Tribute for Philmar Alipayo on Father’s Day

Message of Andi Eigenmann for Philmar Alipayo on Father’s Day Melts Hearts

ANDI EIGENMANN – The former actress took to the social media a special tribute for her partner, Philmar Alipayo, on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day posts are currently taking the social media by storm. A lot of people including celebrities paid tribute to their father, husband, and sons on the special day for the dad. Many individuals posted heartfelt messages, prepared foods and gifts, and some even came up with surprises.

One of the celebrities who took to the social media a Father’s Day post is former actress Andi Eigenmann. She posted a heartfelt tribute for her partner, professional surfer Philmar Alipayo.

Andi and Philmar were blessed with two (2) children – Lilo and Koa. Both of them have kids from their previous relationship and, visibly, they get along well with each other’s child and consider them as their own.

Many people undeniably admire the happy life that Andi and her family has. They live a simple life waking up daily to the presence of each other and the beauty of nature in Siargao. They are an “island” family who enjoys all the time they have together daily.

On Father’s Day, Andi Eigenmann took to the social media a heartfelt message for Philmar Alipayo. Addressed to him, the former actress told her fiancé that it is from him that she learned that parenting is not about what you get from books but how much you listen and pay attention to your kids.

Andi also expressed that it is from Philmar whom she learned cherish every moment they have with their kids and she credited him for being the kind of mother she is – “I am as a mama because of who you are as a papa”. Here’s the Instagram post of the actress:

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