Korina Sanchez On Having ‘No’ Regrets: ‘Most people lie about that’

Korina Sanchez talked about regrets

Famous TV host Korina Sanchez said that most people who are saying that they have no regrets in life lie about that.

Being a successful broadcast journalist and eventually a host of her own magazine show, no doubt that Korina has achieved the success that many people in her industry would also dream to achieve. Behind her triumph in her career and in her personal life, Korina admitted that there is one thing that she regrets not doing.

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In a recent “slam book” interview by The Philippine Star, Korina Sanchez was asked about her biggest regret. She said that she would like to say she does not have regrets. However, she said, “I think most people lie about this.”

The veteran journalist said that many people, if not all, has one regret or two. In her case, she cited the time she spent with her parents.

For Korina Sanchez, that is one thing she could have done better. “I think, we kinda all taken out parents for granted, one way or another. When they’re gone that’s when you figure, oh, maybe I should have spent one more day just talking with my mom, or asking my dad how he actually thinks about certain things,” she said.


The Rated Korina host added that if only she could have spent more time to give back to her parents, and this is her regret.

Meanwhile, for Korina Sanchez, her biggest achievement is being a parent. She said that at her age, having a twin, with her husband Mar Roxas, via surrogacy, is something that she is proud of.

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