Angelica Panganiban: Red Cross Subic Frontliners Receive This Order

Red Cross Subic Frontliners had to do this after the rant of Angelica Panganiban

Following the rant of actress Angelica Panganiban against Red Cross Subic, the frontliners in the swabbing facility received this order.

Angelica did not like the “treatment” that she received from the personnel in the said facility. She took to social media her grievances regarding her claim that there was an “unfair” treatment. The actress said that the frontliners were ignoring them and even prioritized other people who came later than them.

angelica panganiban
📷: Cosmo

Because of this, swabbers/frontliners working in Red Cross Subic defended their side and presented a different point of view of what happened. They said that Angelica and her companions should have waited in the queue just like other people and not inside their car.

Reportedly, the actress had no appointment but still, the frontliners served her just to avoid the issue. This incident also received a reaction from Direk Darryl Yap who has been living in Olongapo City. He stressed fairness when it comes to rendering service to the people.

After the issue has become a trending topic on social media, based on the article in PEP, the frontliners working in Red Cross Subic received an order.

angelica panganiban tweets
📷: via PEP

It was said that they are prohibited to further speak about the issue, as an insider revealed to the showbiz news site. This order came with the intention of preventing the issue to go bigger than it should be.

The staff of the swabbing facility had no choice but to follow this order. However, they expressed gratitude to all the people who defended their side against the rant of Angelica Panganiban.

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