Disappointed Artist Burns Drawing Commissions After Clients Did Not Take It

Disappointed Artist Sets Portraits on Fire After Clients Did Not Take It for Months

A disappointed artist burned his drawing commissions after his clients reportedly failed to take it after several months.

A Facebook user named James Patrick Pabua has shared the heartbreaking photos of the drawing commissions he burned after clients did not take it. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that Patrick placed his drawings on fire after his customers failed to take it six months after the transaction. His client allegedly did not show up and could not be reach during the deadline of payment.

Disappointed Artist

Pabua went out of control and blocked the bogus clients because of his disappointment. He is hoping that his customers could see their orders being burned in fire after failing to take it from the artist.

The disappointed artist just expressed his fury and dismay towards the incident. He felt pain after spending time and effort creating those portraits.

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Disappointed Artist Disappointed Artist Disappointed Artist Disappointed Artist

Here is the full post:

Commission na 6 months na diparen kinuha..

pinapaasa lang nila ako nakukunin nila sa araw nayun at pag dating ng araw nayun di somipot at dinaren ako nereplyan..

sa inis ko Blinock kuna sila

at sinunug konalang para diko na maalala mga paasa nilang kukunin pa

.. Sana Makita to ng nag pa Drawing..

buti payun Dinrowing nakonsensya..

di nya alam na pina Drawing sya..

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