Vicki Belo Admits The Worst Skincare Mistake She Committed

Vicki Belo did this mistake on her skin

Beauty expert Vicki Belo admitted that she has committed this worst skincare mistake in the past and she did her best not to do that anymore.

When it comes to skincare and beauty regimen, one of the popular names in the Philippines in this field is the Belo Medical Group. In a previous interview, Vicki shared the reason why she did her best to establish her beauty empire.

vicki belo
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She said her own insecurities inspired her to make other people happy about their physical being. Being called “ugly and fat” when she was young, even by those she called “friends”, pushed her to be a dermatologist.

Now, she is known as a beauty expert not just in the Philippines but also abroad. However, despite being an expert when it comes to skincare, Vicki Belo admitted that she also did mistakes in the past.

Based on the article in Preview, the celebrity doctor said that she ignored certain parts in her complexion, specifically her neck and the skin around her eyes.

vicki belo
📷: Preview

She shared that back then, she was so focused on dealing with her problem having oily skin and acne but she forgot that the said areas also needed the same amount of attention. Vicki did not realize back then that these areas are  fine lines and loss of firmness.

Now, she is trying her best to correct that skincare mistake. Based on the article, the famous beauty doctor is now using eye cream with peptides and collagen. She also gets Fillmed New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF) injections to improve her skin quality.

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