Leng Altura Finally Reacts To New Controversial Video

Controversial Video Has Stressed Leng Altura Out

LENG ALTURA – Social media influencer Leng Altura admitted she feels stressed by the spreading of the controversial video and she’s not even the one involved in it.

Arlene Altura or popularly known as “Leng” rose to fame after uploading entertaining dance cover videos on social media platforms. Her videos include “Neneng B,” “Catriona,” Macarena,” and “Ivana Dance.”

She’s one of the most popular female personalities in the social media world today. She earned a lot of fans because of her dance moves.

Photo Source: @alturaleng_ IG

Recently, Leng Altura made rounds online because of her alleged controversial video. She became the center of the controversy in connection with the video that’s now spreading on social media.

Her name became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook after the controversial video spread. Therefore, the Tiktoker decided to clarify the issue.

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Leng Altura
Photo Source: @alturaleng_ IG

In a Youtube vlog, Leng and her vlogger friend Whamos Cruz talked about the controversial video. The female influencer denied that she was the woman in the viral video.

Photo Source: Youtube

Leng also admitted that she feels stressed when the video spreads and she’s not even the one involved in it. Some of the things Whamos mentioned that differentiated his friend from the woman in the video was that she had a tattoo on her back.

Watch the video below:

This is not the first time Leng Altura got involved in controversies. She was previously criticized for endorsing the clothing line “Kain Pepe” (KNPP).

The Tiktoker sought Raffy Tulfo’s help after YouTuber, Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa also known as “Makagago” accused her of committing an abortion and having a controversial video.

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