Pacquiao Takes Jab At Duterte Regarding West PH/China Statements

Pacquiao Takes Jab At Duterte, Says Stance On West PH Sea “Lacking”

PACQUIAO TAKES JAB AT DUTERTE – Senator Manny Pacquiao expressed concerns following President Duterte’s statements regarding China.

During his campaign, Duterte boasted that he’d ride a jet ski to the Scarborough Shoal with a Philippine flag. However, since his victory, the President has been deflecting talks about reclaiming the country’s territory from China.

Recently, Duterte emphasized that he never made any promises to “reclaim” our territory from China. As such, Pacquiao had these words to say:

Nakakapanghina kasi iba sa simula. Narinig natin bago mag-eleksyon, sa kampanya, nung sinabi niya na mag-jet ski siya dala ang bansang Pilipinas. Sa puso ko noon, sabi ko, ito na iboboto ko

Pacquiao Takes Jab At Duterte Regarding West PH/China Statements

Following this, Pacquiao said that Duterte’s campaign promises gave him and many Filipinos the resolve to make a stand. However, he mentioned that much like our ancestors who fought for our land, the admin needs to do so as well.

Furthermore, the Senator that the President should not “soften” as “our resolve would weaken”. Additionally, Pacquiao emphasized that although the Philippines wants to be China’s friend, China should respect our rights.

In the previous weeks, China had become more aggressive with their claims of the West Philippine Sea. In a statement, China said the Philippines should respect China’s territory and back-off.

Since then, Duterte has done nothing dance around his stance regarding the West Philippine Sea territorial debate. According to Duterte, China is a friend that we don’t want to mess with, especially when it comes to a war.

Meanwhile, members of the admin, such as Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque had always put “BFF China” on a pedestal while condemning “Uncle Sam” (the United States).

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