Filipino Fishermen Should Occupy West PH SEA – BFAR

Filipino Fishermen Should Occupy West PH Sea To Get Fare Share – BFAR

FILIPINO FISHERMEN – According to the Bureau of Fisheries (BFAR), Filipino fishermen should occupy the West PH Sea despite China’s presence.

For several years, China has crept up in Philippine waters with little to no intervention. Despite the promises made back in the election, President Rodrigo Duterte has failed to cement the country’s claim on its waters. Thus, China now boldly claims that Filipinos should “respect their sovereignty” over the resource-rich West PH Sea.

Filipino Fishermen Should Occupy West PH SEA – BFAR

However, as China encroaches in Philippine territory, hundreds of fisherfolk have lost a large portion of their livelihood. Due to this, BFAR said:

We should be there. That area is our traditional fishing ground… We should be there so that we can get our ample share from the bounties of the sea.

Yesterday, the National Task Force for the West PH Sea reported five Chinese Coast Guard ships were on Philippine waters. Thus, the Philippines has yet again filed a diplomatic protest against Beijing.

We are telling our Filipino fishermen to go out and fish in the West Philippine Sea because we need that more than 300,000 metric tons of fish for our supply of food“, the BFAR added.

Still, fishermen had become concerned about their safety even in their own waters due to the presence of Chinese military vessels. In light of this, BFAR director Eduardo Gongona told ANC that “the best the government can do is to send assets there to protect the fishermen, protect the fishing vessel and protect the environment that produces food“.

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