Joyce Pring on the embarrassing thing she discovers about Juancho Triviño

This is the embarrassing that Joyce Pring discovered about Juancho Triviño

TV host Joyce Pring revealed the embarrassing thing that she discovered about her husband actor Juancho Triviño after they got married.

Joyce and Juancho are expecting their first baby. Over the time that they had been together as a couple, there are still things that they discover about each other, especially after their wedding.

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In their recent TV guesting for an episode of Tunay na Buhay, the Kapuso couple shared a few things about their relationship. One of the questions that was to them was the things they only knew about each other after they tied the knot and started living under one roof.

Juancho Triviño shared that he noticed that his wife is more clingy now than before. “Si Joyce pala malambing. Bago kami ikasal kasi hindi naman siya gaanong ka-clingy sa’kin. Tapos noong pandemic na, ano na siya sobrang clingy, sobrang sweet,” the actor said.

He added that his wife was not that clingy when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend. However, Juancho is delighted that his partner has that clingy side.

For Joyce Pring, the thing she learned about her husband is this trait. “Sobang linis niya sa bahay. Gulat na gulat ako. grabe. ‘Yung hindi mo kailangan sabihan. He cleans up after himself,” the TV host shared.

When asked about the embarrassing things they discovered. Joyce revealed that her husband drools when he sleeps. “One time, humiga ako sa kama tapos ginamit ko ‘yung isa sa mga unan niya. Tapos paglagay ko sa ulo ko, sabi ko, ‘Bakit amoy laway?‘” she shared while laughing.

The other embarrassing thing about Juancho Triviño is quite cute. Joyce Pring shared that her husband would talk in his sleep and he has no idea that he was already talking when he wakes up.

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