Bea Alonzo: Not Just ‘Ghosted’, Gerald Anderson ‘Gaslighted’ Her?

Bea Alonzo has these explosives revelations against Gerald Anderson

Actress Bea Alonzo accused her ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson of not just “ghosting” her but also “gaslighting” her in her recent Mega Entertainment interview.

It was in 2019 when the breakup news about Bea and Gerald circulated. The breakup went controversial when another name surfaced as the alleged third party – Julia Barretto. Gerald and Julia worked together in the movie Between Maybes and speculations surfaced that their relationship went beyond onscreen.

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Early March, Gerald sat with King of Talk Boy Abunda and debunked the ghosting allegation from Bea. To recall, after the breakup, Bea said in an interview that her ex-boyfriend “ghosted” her as he just suddenly stopped talking to her.

Gerald defended that the relationship was “toxic” and so he had to get away from that. During that interview, he also confirmed his relationship with Julia which became another trending topic on social media.

On April 8, Mega Entertainment published an article featuring the “truth” of Bea Alonzo. She revealed that in her relationship with Gerald Anderson, she completely let go of everything, unlike in previous relationships that she had always been the “alpha”.

“I’ve always been into self-preservation when it comes to relationships. I’ve always been the Alpha. Yeah, and it was the first time that I really let myself go and just love fully,” she shared.

Bea said that she did not know why but maybe because it was their second chance. She did not want it to fail. However, that aspiration for her relationship did not happen.

Then, the actress said that more than the “infidelity” and “ghosting” issue, what hurt her the most was that Gerald “gaslighted” her.

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Based on the definition from Medical News Today, the term “gaslighting” refers to a form of psychological abuse when a person is manipulating another person to doubt or question his or her own sanity, perception of reality, or memories.

Apart from, of course the whole infidelity thing and the whole ghosting thing, I think I’m mad at him more because he gaslighted me. I think it was more of that and until now, he’s not holding himself accountable. That’s what really gets me. He has not changed. Not a bit. He was only protecting himself. He’s selfish,” Bea Alonzo revealed.

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