Pinay Singer Nina’s Last Name According to Netizens

Netizens Gave Their Own Idea Regarding Pinay Singer Nina’s Last Name

The Pinay Singer Nina currently trends online after the online community gives their own ideas regarding the singer’s last name.

Nina becomes one of the most discussed personalities on social media after the netizens gives their own idea regarding the singer’s last name. Most of them have no idea regarding Nina’s surname.

A Twitter user named Kier Ramos has asked the surname of the Filipina singer on its tweet. A lot of netizens respond to his tweet and gave their idea about the question. The comments gone viral and bring laughter online.

Pinay Singer

Nina or Marifil Niña Girado-Enriquez in real life is a professional singer, occasional songwriter, record producer, TV and radio personality. She rose to fame because of her lovely and impressive singing voice.

The Pinay artist earned popularity after releasing her self-titled album but received criticisms for having too many covers. She also received several awards because of her talent and has been featured in some television shows.

Kier’s tweet spread like a wildfire online and earned comments from the online community. Here are some of the comments:

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