Netizen’s Cellphone Snatched by Riding-in-Tandem While on Facebook Live

Riding-in-Tandem Snatched Netizen’s Cellphone While on Facebook Live Goes Viral

A Facebook live footage where a riding-in-tandem suddenly snatched the netizen’s cellphone while doing live on his way to his friend goes viral.

Robbery is one of the common crimes happening in various parts of countries all around the world. Even without the pandemic thieves are conducting stealing operations as their livelihoods.

Netizen’s Cellphone Snatched

On Facebook, a netizen named Johnpaul Confreros shared video footage on his account where he shows a live video while he was on his way to his friend’s house. Confreros was showing himself on Facebook live walking on the street.

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While doing a Facebook live, he is reading the comments of his friends while walking. After a while, he switches the camera of his cellphone facing to his front view.

When he was about the cross the pedestrian lane a motorcycle suddenly appears and grabbed his cellphone. While waiting to cross, the riding-in-tandem snatched his cellphone and sped off.

Netizen’s Cellphone Snatched

The suspect put the netizen’s cellphone on his bag while Facebook live is still on. Not knowing that the live is still ongoing, the snatcher faces the cellphone camera on himself which exposes his face.

The live footage went viral on social media and earned various reactions from the netizens. Some netizens slammed his irresponsible act and not being careful as robbery occurs anytime nowadays.

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