Poor Security Guard Eating Rice w/ Onion & Garlic Only for Lunch Goes Viral

Heartbreaking Photos of Poor Security Guard Eating Rice w/ Onion & Garlic Only for Lunch Elicit Comments Online

The heartbreaking photos of a poor security guard eating rice with onion and garlic only for lunch goes viral online.

Security guards are personnel hired by a company or private individuals to secure properties and lives. Security employees are tasked to implement peace and order within their area of jurisdictions.

Most of them are working more than eight hours and yet receiving a minimum wage, which is considered unfair. However, they have no choice but to work just to provide the needs of their loved ones.

Poor Security Guard

The Facebook page “Bakud Borbon” has shared the heartbreaking pictures of a poor security guard who had onion and garlic only for lunch. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

According to the page, the poor guard shows his great and unconditional love for his family. The loving dad is sending around 90 percent of his salary to his family and trying to buy his needs with the remaining 10 percent from his salary.

Due to lack of money, the security personnel had only onion and garlic for lunch while takng a break from his work. He is enduring the hardships and difficulty of his job just to give the necessities of his family.

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Poor Security Guard

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