Ogie Diaz Reply to Liza Soberano’s Basher Who Said ‘Maganda ka lang’

Ogie Diaz defended his “alaga” Liza Soberano against a basher

As a talent manager of Liza Soberano, prominent showbiz personality Ogie Diaz defended the actress against a basher who said “maganda ka lang”.

Just recently, Liza caught the attention of the online community when she aired her concern for poor Filipinos and her dismay that she felt that nothing has been done to help them. This garnered admiration from many netizens who felt that the actress is using her platform to spread awareness.

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However, this did not sit well with many netizens as well as they were thinking that Liza was just trying to complain but has not done any help.

Harsh words were thrown against her on social media and one said that she is just a pretty face but her intelligence is lacking. In line with this, Liza Soberano’s talent manager Ogie Diaz fired back at bashers and specifically to the one who said that the actress is just “maganda” but “[email protected]@”.

In the recent episode of Ogie’s showbiz update vlog, he said that Liza will not answer the bashings anymore because she already said what she wanted on her tweet.

Ogie added that they will not dwell on the negative comments because they can’t change the mind of the bashers. He also pointed out that the tweets of his talent reflected her concern for the Filipino people. For him, those who said that they are “[email protected]@” but answered their statement are actually more “[email protected]@”.

The talent manager, especially mentioned a female basher of Liza who Ogie called “napaka-righteous ng babaeng ‘yan” but he did not mention that name.

“Maganda lang daw si Liza, sana masabihan ka rin ng ganun,” Ogie Diaz said.

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