Jake Ejercito & Ellie: Posts That Proved Uno Emilio Is The Coolest Dad

Here are some of the heartwarming photos and bonding of Jake Ejercito and daughter Ellie.

JAKE EJERCITO – These are the photos of moments that proved to us why Jake Ejercito is by far the coolest dad for his daughter Ellie, his child with Andi Eigenmann.

A social media’s darling is Ellie Eigenmann, the daughter of Andi Eigenmann with her ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito. It wasn’t a smooth start for them for there were mistakes that have happened. But at the end of it all, what mattered most is that Andi and Jake were able to settle an agreement in co-parenting their daughter. Ellie grew up loved and raised by Andi so well that even Jaclyn Jose, her mother, admired her ways to it.

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And through the years, people have nothing but admiration for both Andi and Jake. Just recently, he posted a photo of them together as he went to Siargao for the first time and fetch her. Looking back to his posts about her and with her, people can’t help but call him the coolest dad Ellie could ever have.

Check out below:

People loved how he just simply and excellently captures precious moments with his little one just like this one below! Have you seen a 4-year-old dancing?


He just had his own little mermaid all for himself!


“Thank you for being the best part of my every day. No matter what they may say, u’ve got this love forevs.” – Isn’t this just the sweetest caption?


Matchy-matchy with this one for a date night! Such a sweet sight to see!


Ellie’s a big fan of ice cream and he’d always give in to give her everything including filling in her sweet tooth’s cravings.


“They will never shine bright as your eyes”


Have you heard Ellie’s laugh after beating her father?


She had his eyes!


He knew “she wasn’t impressed”


Don’t you just love his ways how he would always put the spotlight on her no matter how tiny she is?


Plaid day for these two “plotting big things”


“I’ll have a double cheeseburger with large fries, one 6 pc chicken nuggets, an apple pie and a whole lotta dat smile”


Isn’t just this the sweetest? “Day 3 of kicking HFMD in the A! She woke up in low spirits this morning, so I asked her to put some rashes on my hand too. Why feel blue when u can feel red?”


His silver lining beside him


And the latest one he posted, “Found me an angel for a tour guide 🤍”



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